Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are fun. Let's do something really fun and personify you both as a couple. There really is no limit. Love skydiving — lets do it. 4 Wheeling — Done. Speed Knitting — a first for me, but count me in! If it's YOU, I want to shoot it.

All of my wedding collections include an engagement session. We can also just do a portrait wedding session if you are traveling to colorado and I am not shooting your wedding.

How do I prepare for my
engagement session?

It's pretty simple. First just be yourself. You don't need to study poses on pinterest. No practicing in the mirror. I will let you know when something looks wacky and doesn't fit.

You want to bring outfit changes? SURE! But keep in mind the sun waits for no one. Typically sessions are about 2ish hours and we start about 30 ish minutes before #awesomelighttime. So make it snappy.

Should we bring props? SURE! Make sure they have meaning for you and not just you saw it on pinterest or instagram. Are you going think balloons are cute 10 years from now?

What do we wear? Anything besides all black. With all black it's hard to decern detail and you kinda look like floating heads. All white is kinda weird too.