You Know,

you know.

Photography was always a passion but it didn’t really click (get it? Sorry, I’ll try to keep those jokes to a minimum) until my first daughter was born. But then a coworker, Michele, saw my passion and asked me to shoot her wedding (I’m not sure why she trusted me when I had no wedding experience, other than being at my own. Maybe she knew something I didn't yet…). That day changed my life.

Michele cried when she saw her photos. She and her mom were speechless. It moved me and I felt validated. I wanted more of it. I wanted to see people as they saw themselves, as they saw their loved ones, captured as they really are.

A single photo that captures a person’s true self can change their entire view of themselves. I’m not exaggerating or hyping this up to “sell” you.

This is what I believe. This is what I know and what I have experienced.

denver wedding photographer

michele's was my first wedding ever
"As soon as I saw Dylan's work, I was obsessed. The light in his photos is absolutely unreal, it's so gorgeous. When it came to picking a photographer, once I saw Dylan's work there was no contest. His photos were unbelievably flawless and each and every one of his videos made me cry, I didn't even know the
people in them!"
Emma + Sebastian

Last Unicorn

I was born and raised in Denver, CO, (with some stints in Montrose, Wyoming, LA and Chicago) which makes me as rare as a unicorn (or perhaps Blucifer-corn?) in the Mile High City these days. This does not mean I have a “Native” sticker on my 4x4, but it does mean that you get an authentic, locals-only tour when you want to get married in the Rocky Mountains.

I know these rivers and ranges inside and out. I know the lay of the land and the special way the sun shines through an aspen grove in September. I know where to go to get off the beaten path and give you a truly one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience.

I am a hiker and love camping. I have spent lots of time 4 wheeling and motorcycling in the mountains and know how to get to some incredible spots. Colorado has a lot to offer from plains, deserts, canyons, san dunes, lakes, waterfalls, and yes... some amazing mountains.

I go that extra mile, or 10 to help plan an amazing wedding experience.

I know how to deliver you the photos you see in your dreams.

denver wedding photographer dylan burr

The incredible


  • Fascinated by all things antique
  • Love coffee
  • Most likely to take the scenic route
  • A really big music and film nerd. Ask me what latest music I've discovered.
  • I edit your photos to Sigur Ros or something like it. It keeps me grounded and connected.
  • Dog Person. I like hikes even if my Moxie isn't much of a hiker
  • A weird combo of go-with-the-flow, efficient, creative AND dependable
  • I’m an amalgam of fun, easy-going, professional and a little type A
  • When I get really into something, I absorb everything I can possibly learn about it. I’m constantly exploring new passions. Examples: Beer, barleywines, disc golf, wet plate collodion, restoring old cars, music.
  • I love to hear about your passions and new experiences. What are you excited about?
family and dogs riding horseback