How to write your own

A Complete Guide to Wedding Vows:
Writing Tips &  Questions to get you started

I have created this helpful step-by-step guide to help you write your own vows. There's things to think about, what to consider, and some fun brainstorming prompt questions to help spur ideas that you can refine into vows that are personalized.

Preface: You weddings vows should be completely yours and suit you and your partner. These are simply some ideas to get you started and to get into the right headspace. Which is a big hurdle at the start. By all means… throw this all out and do what suits you and your partner best.

Writing vows can be exciting and debilitating at the same time. The key is to not overthink it too much. Collect your thoughts and intention and put that to page. For some that may be throwing out word salad on the page and then narrowing it. For others, that can be letting it stew in your mind before even writing a word and then refining. A key thing is to take breaks and give yourself grace. Some people are great off-the-cuff to be more heartfelt and honest, others need to get it out first and then arrange their thoughts. There is no right way.

Table of Contents

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What are Wedding Vows?

Essentially, they are promises you are making to one another that you intend to keep as you continue into marriage.

How to Write Wedding Vows

This is a rough structure, you can remove or add and rearrange these to suit you.

Vows Include

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Tips for Writing
your Vows

Here are some ideas to get you started

Brainstorming Prompts
for your Vows

Here are some questions to as yourself to get the ideas flowing.
Get a good brainstorm going to get all those feelings and ideas out to be able to narrow down and refine them into your vows.

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"We really enjoyed having Dylan as our photographer for our elopement. He was the perfect ‘third wheel,’ fun to be around and easy to talk to on our important day. From the beginning he took the time to learn our vision for the day and what was important to us as a couple. He was very helpful picking out the location and did a lot of research."
Erin + Connor

Examples of Wedding Vows

Remember, the most meaningful vows are the ones that reflect the unique bond between you two.
Feel free to customize and add personal touches to make them truly your own.

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