Tintype Engagement Tryptic

Moriah + Tylor
tintype engagement wedding framed tryptic

These fine art portraits are a prime example of a direction I am taking my photography. These are completely handmade. I make the film, which is this goo made of the same stuff in liquid band-aid. Really. Its amazing stuff. The chemicals in this goo begin a reaction when I put the photo into a bath of silver nitrate. After a minimum of 3 minutes in that bath it becomes light sensitive and is now ready to shoot with. The catch is that you have to do it right away before the photo dries out. This is how it gets its name, wet plate collodion.

I love these, and have added them to my collections going forward because I firmly believe that my work serves a great purpose, and I should be creating work that has purpose. What better process to use than wet plate collodion? Each photo takes 15 minutes and so you have to be very conscious of what you are planning to do. They also will last forever and never fade. Each one is completely unqiue and you cannot make copies. I want to create something for you that is a fine art piece that will be in your family forever, and also a great story to tell your kids and grandkids.

It may seem like just a single day and just a wedding, but it can be so much more. Its the beginning of your legacy.

tintype engagement wedding closeup of frame tintype engagement wedding signed art piece tintype engagement wedding couple holding framed tryptic

I am available for all of Colorado and destination weddings. I love to wander.

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