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Estes Park, Colorado

Megan + Eric
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What better place than a Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding in Estes Park Colorado. This is the last of 4 anniversary photo shoots for Megan and Eric. They are such a sweet couple and always up for an adventure. You may read a lot from photographers about having the best clients. Of course I am no different. I think my clients are amazing people. What I really love about Megan and Eric is that they pushed me to be a better photographer. This is the best client. Someone who pulls the best out of you, motivates you, and drives you.

Megan first pitched me the idea of doing an anniversary shoot. Not just one, but 4. One for each season. Of course I jumped at the the idea. Little did I know it would take us almost 3 years to accomplish.

As an artist you morph and are highly influenced by what is around you and motivates you at the current time. When I shot Megan and Eric's wedding film, you can check it out here, I was just getting a handle on this running my own business thing. I had been creating commercial work for almost 8 years and had just started weddings. Shooting them more like mini films and less like dry news b-roll. Needless to say, it was get the job done and don't screw up someone's big day. There's no re-dos.

Over time I became more comfortable and goofed things up far less. Enter Megan's wild idea

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The following Spring didn't seem to want to happen. Megan and Eric were super busy buying a house and living life. So we planned on for Summer at the Denver County Fair. Check out those photos here. During this time I continued to feel like Aventura didn't suit me anymore and that I was hiding behind it. Without going to much into that you can read this blog post on why I made that change.

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As winter approached I continued to feel this push to create exceptional work and not just get the best I could given the circumstances. Especially when I can plan a shoot such as these. We can control many more things than a wedding so why play it safe? Lets have an adventure and create some memories to pass on to your kids. We can do something more than a snowball fight in a park. That sounds cute too, but you get the idea.

My initial plan for winter is/was going to be awesome. There was some massive road damage and we couldn't make it to the spot we wanted for another year so we scrapped it and went back to the idea board. By the way, I will still do this first idea with some lucky couple. With my new found drive to make great purposeful work I needed to not only find a new spot but also one that was as good or better than our initial idea. Out of that came this session. It was ton of fun. My wife came with to help out and it was a great day and we came away with some great artwork.

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So finally Spring came back around. Since winter was so awesome, how do we top that? First off, lets be better prepared with good shoes for hiking and bring more than a single 20oz bottle of water.

I had known of this spot but it was a bit of a mystery as I didn't know how to exactly get there. Its one of those, once we get up there Ill know, moments. We found some very suitable spots but they just felt wrong and not quite right. We were also running out of time and chasing the light and weather. Then I finally spotted it! Megan and I instanly knew it was right spot. That was an exciting moment.

The photos below are from our journey.

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What did you first notice about Eric?
If you could tell yourself one thing then what would it be?

Life of the party! He was always goofing around and having fun with everyone around him. If I could tell myself one thing then - live in the moment. I was overthinking life/work etc at the time having just graduated college.
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When do you feel most loved by Eric?

When Eric takes care of me, even if something is ridiculous (like if I'm sore from working out - and I'm using that term lightly since I don't work out) and lay on the floor asking for ice cream...
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What’s one thing that Eric does that always makes you laugh?

When he jams out to a song and tries to sing along with the lyrics.
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What moment stands out the most from your wedding?

Right after our ceremony, we took a lap around the venue by ourselves. Everyone was at the bar for cocktail hour and we had just a few seconds alone with the guitarist and danced just the two of us without anyone else watching.
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What do you want for Eric’s future?

I want him to always be stress-free, happy and live in the moment!
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I am available for all of Colorado and destination weddings, elopements, and engagements. I love to wander.

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